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An AI powered communication sidekick built
for the hearing impaired community

Korero Sidekick

Your AI-powered conversation Sidekick helping you to navigate real life discussions.

Real time

Korero transcribes spoken words and interprets all your replies.

Instant access, less friction
Here to assist

Korero Sidekick is always available to assist you.

What is Korero?

Korero is an utilitarian app designed mainly for the hearing impaired community, to ease the struggles of real life communication. 
It  provides real-time transcribing,  text-to-speech and generative replies.

Why korero?

Korero’s deep-learning focuses on you and your circumstances instead of generally collected data.
Your Sidekick is truly only yours.


Introduce yourself with a stack of clear and straightforward user and context generated intro cards.


Multiple input types unsure a comfortable and familiar way to communicate through Korero.


Productive discussions: Sidekick Replies and contextual reactions are turned into conversational responses.

Less friction
Always clear & on point replies

Your Sidekick considers your context and discussion and  able to turn simply basic input sentences into conversational replies.

Tap to reply
Effortless disclosure

Simple taps and interactions can reduce friction caused by composing a message - just tap or gesture and the message is created based on the discussion.

Even less friction
On your wrist

The Korero Wrist app makes Sidekick even more accessible in ad hoc situations.

Full oversight on Korero Sidekick

You can always gather glanceable information on how Sidekick formulated messages on your behalf and even tweak them. Sidekick generated replies are optional, only you will send them into a conversation.

Hush now!

You can decide how involved you will get with AI. You are always able to shut your Sidekick on and off.

Security & Privacy

Korero relies on  location and historical data, but certain features are functional without sensitive user data. Explore the options and permissions to adjust Korero to your own data privacy comfort.

Sidekick widgets
Your Sidekick is just a tap away

Access your Sidekick even when Korero is currently not open. Plant the Sidekick widget onto your homescreen, lockscreen or your smartwatch and start a conversation as quickly as possible.

Practice makes perfect
No more tough luck with voice input

Traditional voice input requires clarity in  vocal composition. You can continuously train Korero’s voice recognition AI with daily exercises, making your voice perfectly clear to your Sidekick, no matter your vocal condition.

Daily read-out-loud practice
voice input available only in voco practice
Daily voice input practice
Limited availability of voice input in the app
Full availability of voice input
Complete availability of voice input in the app
Input methods
Find your comfort

You are able to switch between input methods to cover your circumstances or needs in communication.

Voice recognition

Use your voice proudly. Korero Sidekick supports voice input and text-to-speech. Depending on your vocal condition, voice recognition might require sessions of AI training.

Sign language

Your phone’s front facing depth sensors are mapping your movements and gestures, making sign language-to-text possible without capturing a single frame of video data.

Keyboard input

If you are looking for something more traditional, you are always ready to use the keyboard for composing messages and replies.

Keep communication focused
Plan ahead and get the most out of verified locati    ns

Reach the maximum potential of Korero with verified services and businesses.Eliminate friction in communication, by starting administration routines  right on your phone.

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